The Human Glycome Project

“ Glycans are directly involved in the pathophysiology of every major disease… Additional knowledge from glycoscience will be needed to realize the goals of personalized medicine and to take advantage of the substantial investments in human genome and proteome research and its impact on human health. ”
— US National Academies, 2012

The Human Glycome Project addresses this major societal challenge.


Oct 19, 2018

Solving the human glycome is an effort comparable to bringing humans to Mars

Today, professor Gordan Lauc presented the Human Glycome Project to the Croatian national media and television. In his speech, professor Lauc, one of the co-directors of the HGP, compared the efforts required to identify and functionally characterize human glycome with the task of bringing the humans to Mars. While it’s a safe bet to assume a random individual heard about DNA and genome, only rare few would exhibit the same level of basic knowledge about glycans, even though a thick layer of glycans covers every cell in human body.


Oct 2, 2018

Official Launch of the Human Glycome Project

Following the successful meeting of the Human Glycome Project Initiative in May 2017, we are happy to announce that the Human Glycome Project will be officially launched in a beautiful city of Dubrovnik (Croatia).